Just Keep Going

We’re just days away from the annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Now, I’m not a great runner (I could never run 26.2 miles in a row!), but I do my best to do a 10K leg in the marathon relay. This year, however, I’m behind on my training… big time.

You see, my company isn’t sponsoring a team this year and no one I asked was too interested in doing it, so I kind of wrote it off. Not this year, I thought. No biggie. Then, my daughter’s teacher from when she was in preschool asked on Facebook if anyone was interested in filling in on her team. Done. I’m now an official member of team Liquid Courage. I couldn’t be happier (or more scared!).

As I was running this morning, the fear started creeping up on me… I’m not ready… I can’t do this… My body is hurting at two miles, how on earth can I do six?! All this was going through my head when I passed my favorite spot on my morning run… the pond.

Image“Just Keep Going”

That’s what I heard as I saw this beautiful sight. Just as the sun creeps up from below the horizon, burning off the morning clouds and the mist on the pond, just keep going. Through the nagging pain in the left knee and the heaviness of each breath… keep going.

It got me to thinking (which is a great way I distract myself from noticing the aches and pains of running!)… This is a good metaphor for life, too. Sometimes it hurts: unresolved issues at home, business concerns, disagreements with friends, financial problems… Whatever it is, just keep going.

Somehow, almost magically, things do get better… if you don’t give up. Sure, you might have to make adjustments to make it work. When I’m running, sometimes I have to stop and catch my breath… or tie my shoe… or change the tune in my headphones. These little tweaks and improvements get me through my run. And, after a hot shower, I always feel better about the day ahead because of the morning run.

It’s the same way in life. The adjustments you make, whether it’s working on being more thoughtful, saving for the future or reading more about an emerging industry, these are the things that help you to get through the immediate struggles. And, once you’ve cleared these hurdles, it’s refreshing to look back and see what you have accomplished.

Just keep going.


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