It’s HOT in OKC!



It’s hot in Oklahoma City.

No, I’m not talking about the 100+ temps we’re experiencing right now. That’s a given. It’s August. In Oklahoma. Duh.

I’m talking about what’s happening in Oklahoma City right now. This is the place to be! Things are happening in OKC. It’s HOT!

Jobs. Yeah, some folks have lost theirs, and I feel their pain (Honestly, I do. I have been there!). But I also know that more jobs are being created every day. For instance, I know that Boeing is bringing 500+ here. CASS Polymers may be bringing a few, too. And, probably the coolest trend I’ve noticed lately is how many folks are stepping out and doing it for themselves. Entrepreneurs! I love it.

Social Media. People here (in general) get it. I think it’s a Midwest thing. We like to talk to people. We like to know who you would recommend to do a particular job. We expect businesses to be engaged with us. It’s normal in these parts. So, it really isn’t very surprising that social media is being embraced here. What’s really exciting about it is that this type of personal interaction over the digital waves is the future of how business will be done. And, the savvy folks in OKC are already doing it!

This extends beyond Twitter and Facebook, of course. Oklahoma boasts a huge number of bloggers (who said we were illiterate?!), too. Want to talk about generational issues, books, new media, market research or local gossip ? We’ve got it. Plus thousands of others covering every topic you can imagine.

Smart Business People. It’s hard to make a blanket statement like that because there are always a couple bad eggs in the group. Overall, though, we have some really smart folks in our fair city. They are busy bringing in new businesses, growing existing ones, creating new opportunities for the people in the area and selling our goods around the globe.

I meet each month with an incredibly sharp group of marketers (Full disclosure – I am the president of the OKC chapter of the American Marketing Association). The industries they represent are all over the spectrum: marketing services, education, manufacturing, retail, banking, utilities, technology, printing, etc. Even during an ‘economic downturn’, these folks are using a mix of traditional marketing tactics and cutting edge technology to make their businesses profitable. This is ‘smart’ in action.

Real Estate. Yeah, yeah, yeah… ‘Housing slump’, ‘Economic downturn’… I know. I hear it, too. But you know what? Property is still selling here. No, it’s not booming like it was 5 years ago, but that’s good. Things were not being done the right way during the ‘Housing Boom’. But I’m not really talking about houses here. I’m talking about Oklahoma!

We are located at the “Crossroads of America”. This is the perfect place to set up a business. Centrally located, access to three major interstates, inexpensive housing… Again, this is the place to be!

So, yeah… It is Hot in OKC! And I like it.

(And so does Billy Idol!)


2 thoughts on “It’s HOT in OKC!

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate it. I love this post. It’s so much more hopeful than what I usually read. I do agree – the job market is turning around. I’ve written a few posts about the resume tsuanami – one stat said 3 out of 4 gen Y were looking to change jobs when the economy rebounded – and 60 percent of Xers. Employers needed to be focusing on retention of their best and brightest over the last 18-24 months.

    So, employers have been able to get great talent cheap for two years+, but it’s gradually changing and employees will have greater ability to leverage for what they want. Great post!! It is hot in OKC and I like it, too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jen!

      Things are really heating up here… And with the diversity of industries in our city, we’re poised to benefit on many fronts.

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