Spring Planning

I really like spring. The whole idea of rebirth… A fresh start… New beginnings. It appeals to me in many ways.

For instance, this is the time of year that I get back outside to work in our flowerbeds. I used to hate having to do this, but over the years, I have learned to cherish this time. With the warm sun on my back and a cool breeze blowing by (this is Oklahoma, afterall!), a cold beverage sitting in the shade for my next break and some serious blues pouring out of the stereo speakers… This is not only a time to rejuvinate the flower beds. It’s a time to rejuvinate myself.

My thoughts wander while I do the work… Family… Friends… Work… Upcoming events… I am able to actually see these things as my hands work the soil, trim the bushes, plant the flowers. I can visualize what will be happening in my near future. Plans begin to form. Problems are buried in the dirt so that creative solutions can come in full bloom.

This is also a great time for your business to get a fresh start. It’s amazing how therapeutic it can be for you to clean your office, go through old files, get rid of the clutter and in the process, let your mind wander a bit. Before long, thoughts of old contacts, new friends, forgotten action items and endless possibilites begin to float around.

This is the perfect time for you to make a strategic plan – for yourself or for your company. Where are you going? Why do you want to be there? How are you going to get ‘there’?

Planning for success. Just like laying out a garden, your business needs a plan. You have to plant the ideas, nurture them, protect them from the weeds (the critics) and help them grow into the dreams you have.

Now is the time.


4 thoughts on “Spring Planning

    1. Ahhh… But there’s the beauty of it, man. While working in the garden, your mind is free to work out the details of your life and your business. Of course, you have plenty of home improvement projects to keep your hands busy right now!

  1. I love gardening, spring planting and spring planning, because you’re re-invigorated, but it’s tough to get outside now.

    Between thousands of Twitter messages, hundreds of LinkedIn status and group updates, and all the blogs and e-newsletters I subscribe to, plus a few YouTube videos, and great webinars, I’m stuck at the computer!

    The good thing is I am constantly learning and now I can blame social media for the blanket of dandelions that I can see out my office window.

    1. Agreed! It’s hard to find that quiet time, but it’s too important to not find it.

      We take my daughter to a place called “Unpluggits” occassionally. Their goal is to get kids away from the TV, GameBoy and computer and to “play”, “create” and use their imaginations. It’s a great place.

      The garden is where I go to “unpluggit” it, too.

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