Buzz, Wave, Tweet, Fan, LMAO, R2D2…

So… In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last three years, let me hip you to something that is taking over the universe.

“The Universe?” you ask.

Well… OK, maybe it’s not that big, but… It’s pretty damn big! It’s this thing called…

Social Media

Have you heard of it? Well, of course you have. In this day and age, it’s THE buzz word to use. Everything is “social”. Every application, piece of software, magazine ad, soft drink can and baseball hat (at the correct 45 degree tilt) is social.

This is nothing new, folks. We have had “social media” since ol’ Ben was publishing his almanac.

Here’s the thing, though… We’re finally learning how to USE this stuff!

What a great time to be a marketer… And a consumer! See, this social media thing works both ways. And that is what’s really cool about it.

For instance, when I put on my marketing hat and want to see who is on the interwebs talking about… oh, let’s say “garage floor epoxy”… I can do a quick search on Twitter and see what’s going on. Right. This. Minute. And, I can engage those folks in my nicest, friendliest, least intrusive way to ask a couple of questions and offer a few helpful hints (including a link to to suggest they purchase the best DIY floor coating on the market). And, it works.

This is the stuff marketers have dreamed about for eons (or a really long time, anyway). You can actually have a ‘conversation’ with your potential customer at the exact time that he (or she) is interested in finding information. Too cool.

And, as a consumer who is interested in putting some stuff on my garage floor, I can ask around the net to find out who has used SUPERCOAT and what they think of it (instead of listening to some salesman spout his BS).

But you already knew this, right?

So, that means you have the answer to your burning question “How do I reach my customers?” You no longer need a professional designer, marketer or agency to create your brand and communicate your message. YOU have complete control!



More than ever before, it is imperative that you monitor every aspect of your brand because people are watching you. More people than you know… And more than just your nice, friendly potential customers.

It’s a jungle out there. Your brand is hunted every day… Some of it is good (like when someone in your market is seeking you out). Some of it is not so good (like when your competition is looking for a weakness to exploit). Some of it is really bad (like when one person complains about you… And that person happens to be Kevin Smith).

This is why you need a professional who is familiar with these waters. While you’re busy making sure your raw materials are being delivered on time, that orders are being processed and vendors are being paid, that HR has your staffing needs in line and production is on track, a professional marketer is there to make sure your brand looks and sounds the way you want it to look and sound in every corner of the web.

And, just because social media is the hot, new thing, don’t forget about all the more traditional, effective marketing practices you’ve been doing successfully all along! Social media is a great new tool to use, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon the things that put you where you are now. There is still a place for print, direct mail, radio and TV… And good ol’ face-to-face meetings.

Sure, smart people can figure out ways to do all of this for themselves. But really smart people know when to outsource this to a specialist.


3 thoughts on “Buzz, Wave, Tweet, Fan, LMAO, R2D2…

  1. Brian, I agree with you. If you believe all of the social media “experts” though, we would all abandon traditional marketing and devote all of our time to social media. I think that eventually, this will tip back to the center, and we will see that it is good to be involved in a variety of media—social, online, and traditional—in order to reach all of our audiences and to communicate effectively. Sometimes, I don’t want to hunt thru lots of conversations; I just want to see the benefits, features, and fees so I can compare. Other times, I want to know what users think. It’s all good!

    1. Exactly!

      I think there is a lot of value in social media, but I’m afraid some companies are forgetting the fundamental marketing principles that are absolutely necessary to continue to be a player in the market. Conversely, there are some companies who are missing the boat the digital age is ushering in (of which social media is a part). It’s here and it cannot be ignored.

      Perhaps ‘balance’ is the best strategy.

  2. Great article, mate. Social media is a tool that can be added to our marketing arsenal, but it certainly isn’t the be all and end all of marketing. B2, you make a good point about how we need to monitor ourselves – one slip up and the whole world (or, those who are monitoring social media) will see you fall. I feel like I see things every day on Twitter which discourages me from doing business with someone or the company they represent.

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