New Year… New You?

 Happy New Year

I think it’s obligatory that one’s first blog of the new year should be about how to improve yourself. How to do “x” better… Why we should stop doing “y”…  Business operates better by being “z”… Yada yada yada.

Why do we wait until January 1st to start worrying about these things?

I gave up making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. Why? Because I never stuck to them! It always sounded like a good idea to make these life-changing lists:

  • I’m going to workout three times a week
  • I’m going to eat better
  • I’m going to study harder
  • I’m going to conquer the world

Nope. Still haven’t checked those items off my “To Do” list.  New Year Resolutions don’t get done. Not by me, anyway.

The good news, though, is that every DAY is an opportunity to make the changes you thought were so clever and useful on December 31st. And the best part is, you don’t have the pressure of the FATED DAY. You actually have time to plan.

“Plan?” you ask. Yeah… PLAN for the changes you want to make. What a concept.

I’m not a life coach and I’m not going to walk you through a step-by-step process that shows you how to do this. First of all, there are 16,432 books that already provide the info. Secondly, each person’s situation, struggles, goals and attitude is different. Part of this journey of life it to figure it out for yourself. Use the resources available and make your own plan.

I can tell you what is happening in my plan to make changes right now. I am in the second module of my Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership at SNU (and, I’m happy to report an “A” in my first module!). This module is entitled “Personal and Professional Development” and it is fantastic. I highly recommend our textbook, “Life Launch“, as a guide to making your own life plan.

Having a degree in Art has taken me a long way, but I think I need a Business degree to take me to the next level. What about you? What do you need in order to write the next chapter of your life?

Happy New Year… And, Happy New YOU!


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